Gait analysis can be a useful tool to help pick the trainers best suited to you. Here at The Lincolnshire Runner we can analyse your running gait in a number of different ways. We can compare your running gait in different pairs of footwear, barefoot, and in your current shoes.

REMEMBER – you don’t have to be a runner to benefit from the technology in running footwear. Many local podiatry clinics recommend us to help a wide range of individuals with a wide range of foot problems. Please do not hesitate to call us for more information.

There is a charge of £15 to use our video gait analysis, however this £15 will be deducted from the price of running shoes purchased afterwards. There is no need to book in – as long as a member of staff is available, and you are with us 30 minutes before closing time then we can do a gait analysis for you.

Digital video gait analysis

Have a run on our treadmill accompanied with a high speed camera and integrated computer software that will take video clips of your running gait from behind. From here we can analyse your gait in still frames, slow motion, and at quicker frequencies.

Observational gait analysis outside

Not everybody has or can run on a treadmill. In fact, most runners will alter their running style from a treadmill to pavement, so we often encourage customers to have a short run/stride outside. We will visually observe your gait and see the full body in motion, as well as the impact a shoe may be having to your running gait and style.

Observational analysis from the side

Your running style can also have an impact on which running shoes may suit you best. By observing from the side, and when necessary taking a short video clip, we can have a closer look at your posture when running.

A friendly chat!

Of course, everybody is different. By asking the correct questions, and gathering the appropriate information from customers, we will be able to find out what has or has not worked for you, what requirements you need, and what exactly it is you need your running shoes for.